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Professional climbers | Action clips & short story about each project.



Action follow up, Drone, Interviews, Character, Editing, Motion Titles



We have been working and collaborating with professional rock climbers Iker and Eneko Pou and Neus Colom. They all have special powers; steel fingers and really good mood 24/7. It will be always our pleasure to film and produce with them!


Whereas 'LAS HER-MORSAS - crack climbing in Indian Creek' was a private project about a girl's rock-climbing trip to Indian Creek, United States. Leaving their boyfriends and husbands at home, the friends not only climb these famous straight cracks, but they exchange about life itself, independent and free, full of joy, always with a big and open heart and with the best intentions towards one another.


How do we do it?

Using rope progression techniques such as "jumar" which is a special Petzl device used to ascend through a fixed rope. Furthermore, it was also necessary to climb. Luckily we both are climbers for more than 20 years, which allows us to enjoy the process no matter what.

To learn more about this professional climbers, please visit:

www.hermanospou.com (Eneko Pou)




Youtube, Official selection Rise of the Drones EPIC TV Film festival


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