Outdoor means in Spanish 'al aire libre'



Al Aire Films is based on the passion for being outdoors and their love as a couple. Lina and Luis have filmed around the globe thanks to their capabilities and versatility. From Helsinki, France, Germany, Croatia and Spain to Rio de Janeiro, the Andes from Peru, and Mexico, they have been working as a smart filmmaking team.


Their expedition with the professional climbers, the Pou Brothers, through wild terrains in Peru or the awarded documentary about the Paralympic Gold Medallist Karen Darke englobes what they can create no matter the logistics or the terrain. 

Lina Schütze

Photographer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography  Editor, Storyteller


Speaks DE / ES / EN / FR

When Lina moved to Mexico she was looking for adventures as a climber, getting to know the "unknown" and to expand her vision of the world. She is a multilingual speaker, reader, yogi, lover of nature and being outdoors.


After finishing her BA in Audiovisual Media which she studied in Guadalajara, Mexico, Lina worked four years as a Creative Director at the German Record Label Zooland producing music videos. By producing, directing, filming and editing over 50 videos, she became a professional and independent filmmaker, telling through her skills stories that move. 


Luis Rizo

Producer, Video camera, Photographer,

RPA Pilot and Designer 

Speaks ES / EN / DE

With international experience in branding communication and graphic design. As an artist, he finally finds his perfect location in Mallorca where he can apply all his professional experiences and love his passion for climbing.


Luis has a very special eye for the details of life and reflects his skill in film or photography productions. He is very courageous and at the same time a very consistent drone pilot which results in stunning aerial images. He has a huge affinity for nature and people that are active and therefore inspiring.


At his side, you will never miss an exquisite ceviche and good mezcal. 

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